Senior Services

The Senior ER was the first senior-specific service to open at Lutheran. Recognizing the clear need for such a philosophy of care, Lutheran has since designed a Senior Surgery Center, which provides care tailored to seniors’ needs, including extra communication and follow-up care for older patients, with similar amenities as those found in the Senior ER. Additionally, a Senior Behavioral Health program opened in early 2013 to address the acute mental health issues along with the medical needs of older adult patients who may be experiencing a serious psychiatric crisis.

“We are here to serve all members of the community,” said Grant Wicklund, Lutheran’s president and CEO. “As the population ages, we were among the first to recognize that older people with health or mental health needs want and deserve specialized care that we can make available to them. It’s the right thing to do and can make a difference in how well and how quickly patients can get better.”

New Senior ER

  • 14 private rooms with glass doors
  • 40 percent increase in space
  • Amenities and technologies specifically designed for the comfort and well-being of seniors
    • Thicker and pressure-reducing mattresses
    • Non-skid flooring
    • Soft lighting
    • Assistive devices for hearing, seeing and walking

Learn more at our Senior ER page.

Senior Surgery Center

The Senior Surgery Center at Lutheran expands upon our commitment to seniors in our community. This service provides seniors with the extra communication, comfort and follow-up care they deserve.

  • Dedicated surgery area for seniors
  • Care tailored to seniors’ needs
  • Personalized education and recovery plans
  • Senior amenities and technologies specifically designed for the comfort and well-being of seniors
  • Designated parking close to the hospital

Learn more at our Senior Surgery Center page.

Senior Behavioral Health

Senior Behavioral Health provides short- term inpatient stabilization for acute geriatric psychiatric patients, age 65 or older. The unit is designed to serve the often complex medical and mental health needs of these patients.

Admissions are based upon a primary psychiatric diagnosis and impaired functioning or grave disability which may be exhibited by the following:

  • Active suicidal or homicidal thoughts or actions
  • Bizarre, changed or unsafe behavior
  • Disorientation or memory impairment
  • Emotional difficulty due to persistent medical conditions
  • Depression, poor self-care or isolation
  • Insomnia and/or mania

To make a referral or for more information, call 303-467-4080.