Senior ER

The first Senior Emergency Room in Colorado

When Lutheran Medical Center opened the state’s first Senior Emergency Room more than three years ago, the demand for specialized services for local elderly patients needing emergency care quickly increased. To meet those needs, Lutheran has built a larger and more spacious Senior ER in previously vacant space and in concert with the complete renovation of the Lutheran Emergency Department.

The Senior ER has 14 specially-designed, private patient rooms and increased size and ability to treat more patients. We continue to provide all the specialized care, screenings and environment that seniors appreciate and provide them a less chaotic and stressful experience while meeting their specific needs. Rest Assured. Lutheran Knows Seniors.

“The need for this service has been growing along with the aging population in Jefferson County,” said Bev White, director of the Emergency Department and Critical Care. “About 22 percent of our emergency patients are seen in the Senior ER now, and many patients know about it and request this service.”

  • The amenities and technologies in the Senior ER are designed especially for the comfort and well-being of older adults. The mattresses are thicker and pressure-reducing, the area has non-skid flooring, and soft lighting, as well as assistive devices for those with difficulties walking, hearing and seeing.
  • The staff is specially trained in geriatric nursing care and the use of screenings for older patients. One of the goals is to help seniors return to the right care setting when they are released from the hospital to reduce the chances that they will end up back in the ER due to a health crisis.
  • “The care management team works with each patient and helps them with community resources they may need,” said Jan Dionne, clinical nurse specialist and program manager for the Senior ER. “Only about 21 percent to 23 percent of our senior patients need to be admitted to the hospital for further treatment.”

ED Map 

Lutheran Medical Center’s Senior ER is NICHE Certified (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders.) The nurses dedicated to this unit also completed the GENE (Geriatric Emergency Nursing Education) Program - specialized education for nurses developed by the Emergency Nurses Association. In addition, physicians and nurses took workshops in sensory appreciation and ageism to learn how to better communicate with older adults and their caregivers.

Facility Upgrades:

  • Thicker, pressure-reducing mattresses
  • Recliners available for patients requiring upright positions
  • Hearing and Visual Aids
  • Non-skid flooring to reduce the risk of falls
  • Quieter environment
  • Assistive devices for ambulation
  • Softer room lighting with large digital clocks

Nursing Care:

  • Nurse-patient ratio 1:4
  • All nurse have specialized knowledge of the care of the geriatric patient
  • All nurses have experience in emergency nursing


  • All physicians have specialized knowledge in the care of the geriatric patient
  • All physicians are experienced in emergency medicine

Care Managers:

  • Care Managers are designated to the unit and available 8:30 AM –9:00 PM
  • All care managers have specialized knowledge of care of the geriatric patient


  • To give excellent emergency care to seniors in our community including specialized screening and care
  • To provide a less chaotic and stressful environment for our senior patients
  • To optimize the discharge of our senior patients to the most appropriate and safe environment
  • To provide follow up guidance resources

Rest assured. Lutheran knows seniors.