Child Birth Classes and Parenting Education

Lutheran Medical Center's educators have a passion for helping expectant parents feel confident and empowered. Our classes will help you help you have a rewarding birth experience and help you make a positive transition to parenthood.

Studies have shown that families that take prenatal classes report a higher level of confidence with bringing their new baby home, greater breastfeeding success and are better prepared to deal with emergency situation.

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Childbirth Classes

Call 303-425-2229 for more information or to register for any of the prenatal classes offered at Lutheran Medical Center.


To keep you informed and healthy every step of the way, we also offer a comprehensive educational package that includes our four most popular classes.


Welcome Baby Package: 

  • Childbirth Preparation 
  • Babies, Baths and Booties 
  • Pediatric CPR and Safety 
  • Breastfeeding 

Birth and Baby Classes Special: Enter promo code WELCOMEPKG to receive a $20 discount when you register for a Childbirth Preparation class plus Babies, Baths and Booties, Breastfeeding and Pediatric CPR and Safety.

To sign up for a single class or one of our packages, call us at 303-689-4595.

Baby's First Ride

Did you know that 80 to 90 percent of car seats are installed incorrectly? 

Baby’s First Ride is a free service offered at Lutheran Medical Center and available to any family in our community. Call our Baby’s First Ride reservation line at 303-425-BABY (2229) to make an appointment before you give birth. By scheduling ahead of time, you will become more familiar with your baby’s safety seat. Once your baby is born, you can bring the seat into the birth center and make any necessary adjustments. 

The car seat and installation will be checked by a certified child passenger safety technician before you and your baby go home. The technician will teach you the proper way to install and use the car seat so that your baby will be safe starting with the very first ride. 

We highly encourage you have the car seat installed before you leave the hospital with your baby. 

In case you have not met with a technician before your hospital stay, you can call the appointment line once you are at the hospital. However, appointments fill up quickly, so it’s best to meet with a technician before birth. 

Get ready for your baby with additional prenatal classes. Explore our classes.

Baby Makes Three

Adding a baby to your family is amazing, emotional, complicated...and hard.

Interrupted nights, arguments about division of tasks and differences in parenting styles take a toll on your relationship.

Baby Makes Three will help you learn the research tested skills that couples need to build strong, healthy family and help your relationship thrive.

This class is held at our sister hospital Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, Colorado. 

Register online or call 303-689-4701