Class Guide

At Lutheran, we know you’ll have a lot of questions as you prepare to welcome your new baby – we’re here for you every step of the way. That’s why we offer a variety of classes designed to prepare you for pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Our experienced and compassionate team of doctors, nurses and instructors want to help you navigate this exciting yet challenging time. 

Experience has shown that families who take prenatal classes report a higher level of comfort when bringing their new baby home and dealing with emergencies. They also typically have higher breastfeeding success.  Our classes are taught in a variety of short, weekly sessions or condensed formats and help you prepare both mentally and emotionally for your upcoming birth. 

  • Prenatal classes are perfect to help you understand pain management options during labor.
  • It’s fun to get to know other expectant parents facing the same challenges and joys as you. Many lasting friendships begin in prenatal classes.
  • Every class is taught by instructors who are familiar our physicians, midwives and nurses as well as the policies and birth practices specific to our hospital. 
  • In our classes, you may have the opportunity to get to know some of the hospital personnel that will be caring for you during your stay. Being familiar with them is reassuring and helps you to feel at home when you come to have your baby. 

To keep you informed and healthy every step of the way, we also offer comprehensive educational packages. You can choose one of these options or create a collection of classes that best meets your family’s needs. You’ll find a detailed description, dates and cost for each class in our downloadable guide or search our online listing for upcoming classes and register conveniently online.

If you prefer to call and speak to If you have any questions about classes offered, or if we can help at any time during your pregnancy, please call Women and Family Services at 303-425-2229.